Titles List
by pen-name and series
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as Robert Martin

The Joey Books

Joey of Jasmine Street

Joey and the River Pirates

Joey and the Mail Robbers

Joey and the Blackbird Gang

Joey and the Magic Eye

Joey and the Helicopter

Joey and the Square of Gold

Joey and the City Ghosts

Joey and the Squib

Joey and the Royalist Treasure

Joey: Soap Box Driver

Joey and the Smugglers' Legend

Joey and the Magic Pony

Joey and the Secret Engine

Joey and the Master Plan

Joey and the Detectives

Joey and the Magician

Joey and the Pickpocket

Joey and the Train Robbers

Ginger Pennylove books
Gangster Pie

The Laughing Carpenter

The Born Mechanic

The Chinese Box

Dance & Co series
The Mystery of the Car Bandits

The Mystery of the Golden Skulls

The Mystery of the Long Shadow

The Mystery of the Friendly Forger

The Mystery of the Bullion Robbery

The Mystery of the TV Crooks

The Mystery of the Motorway

The Mystery of the Poisoned Puppet

The Mystery of the Pay-Snatchers

The Mystery of the Missing Passenger

Career books
The October Story

The April Story

The September Story

and also
The Golden Wheels

The Circus Marches

Bandit books
Tony and the Champ

Tony and the Secret Money

Killer Road

Art and the Sounders

Trew Twins Series
The Gold Elephant

The Money Mystery

The Secret Boat

Short Story

Toddy Proves His Point

Personna Year Book of Sports No 1

as Rex Dixon

Pocomoto series

Pocomoto - Pony Express Rider

Pocomoto - Tenderfoot

Pocomoto - Bronco Buster

Pocomoto and the Night Riders

Pocomoto and the Canyon Treasure

Pocomoto - Brush Popper

Pocomoto and the Li'l Fella

Pocomoto - Buffalo Hunter

Pocomoto - Cowboy Cavalier

Pocomoto and the Lazy River

Pocomoto and the Snow Wolf

Pocomoto and the Indian Trails

Pocomoto and the Robbers' Trail

Pocomoto and the Spanish Steed

Pocomoto and the Desert Gold

Pocomoto and the Circus Folk

Pocomoto and the Texas Pioneers

Pocomoto and the Lazy Sheriff

Pocomoto and the Lost Hunters

Pocomoto and the Golden Herd

Pocomoto and the Texas Ranger

Pocomoto and the Warrior Braves

Pocomoto and the Mexican Bandits

Pocomoto and the Wild Horse (short story)

Just Lucky (short story)

The Mustang (short story)

Pete books
Pete of the Wild Grass Country

Pete and the Prairie People

The Wild Ones (short story)

A Book of Pirates

A Book of Highwaymen

as E C Eliott

Kemlo 'Spaceworld' books

Kemlo and the Crazy Planet

Kemlo and the Zones of Silence

Kemlo and the Sky Horse

Kemlo and the Martian Ghosts

Kemlo and the Craters of the Moon

Kemlo and the Space Lanes

Kemlo and the Star Men

Kemlo and the Gravity Rays

Kemlo and the End of Time

Kemlo and the Purple Dawn

Kemlo and the Zombie Men

Kemlo and the Space Men

Kemlo and the Satellite Builders

Kemlo and the Space Invaders

Kemlo and the Masters of Space

Tas stories
Tas and the Postal Rocket

Tas and the Space Machine

as Tex Bancroft

Gold Horse Canyon

The Prairie Dusters

as Rafe Bernard

The Wheel in the Sky

The Halo Highway

as Hank McCoy

Killers of Red Canyon

Guns Across the Sholto

Riders of Reckless Gold

Savage City

Sonora Trail

The Hides of Texas

Wild Horse Range

Blood on the Pecos

as Brett Cameron

The Blue Sombrero

The Laughing Guns

The Cautious Caballero

The Guns of San Rosala

as Frank Denver

Okara the Hunter

The Pintu Dogs

The Happy Hippo

as Scott Martin

The Claws of the Cougar

as Simon Latter

The Global Globules Affair

The Golden Boats of Taradata Affair

as Nicholas Marrat

Short Stories

Boy with a Gun

Chad Stenson - T.V. Reporter

Imperno Quartaro - Special Agent

Imperno Strikes Again

Murder is for Men

The Explosive Twins

The Fighting Flanagans

The Planetoid Grid

as Buck Savage

Lariats of Death

Riders of the Renegade

Destiny Trail

Herds of Lampasa

The Pecos Plainsman

Call of the Canyon

as Burt Merrill

Vengeance Trail

Guns of Delta City


with Gary Sobers:
Cricket Crusader


for Graham Hill:
The Torella Tigers


for Mike Hawthorn:
Carlotti Joins the Team
Carlotti Takes the Wheel

for Gary Sobers:
Bonaventure and the Flashing Blade

for Denis Law:
The Golden Boots
The Prize and the Game

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