Rex Dixon

pseudonym of Reginald Alec Martin

Author of Books for children between 1953 and 1965.

We know that Rex Dixon was a pseudonym used by Reginald Martin from the records of the auction sale of a collection of the author's books in 2002 (Source 4). It is also on the author's business card Source 11), and in the Library of Congress records (Source 13).

He is best known for his series of Western books featuring the boy Pocomoto. These were 23 hardback books originally published between 1953 and 1963 by Thomas Nelson and Sons Limited.
Some were also published in paperback, by Nelson and later by Merlin Books. Many were translated into at least five foreign languages.
There were also at least three short stories featuring Pocomoto in the British Annuals of the comic Swift.

In 1954 Rex Dixon was also given as the author of two children's westerns featuring the boy Pete for Nelson's schools series The Panther Library. These were Pete of the Wild Grass Country and Pete and the Prairie People. Both these also appeared in the shops as hardback books with dustwrappers and without the question section of the schools editions.

In the early 1960s Nelson published two non-fiction books, one on Pirates and another on Highwaymen. These were large, lavish volumes which told the true stories of rogues, whose lives had become blurred and misrepresented by the fictions af drama and stories gathered about them over the years.
Reginald Alec Martin was chosen to give the truth of these characters. Although not stories of the Wild West, Rex Dixon was chosen as his name for these books. They are solid fact, well told and exciting, but balanced. Certainly non-fiction. These are the simply titled A Book of Pirates, published in 1962 and a Book of Highwaymen published the following year.

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