Savage City

By Hank McCoy (Reginald Alec Martin)
First Published 1951 by Werner Laurie
Not illustrated

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first edition dustwrapper
Savage City is the tale of Colt Savage, young, fiercely ambitious, who came from Montana to carve out a home and then a township from the virgin heart of Texas. Tough as he was, young Savage would never have succeeded without the staunch support and leaping guns of "Hunch" Hoyden, McCoy's already famous hero, and his unforgettable pardners, Gabby and Pins. Rumours of gold strikes, feuds for power and the fight for survival fill the pages of this grand new Western with the crackle of gunshots and the highlights of authentic thrills, as only Hank McCoy can describe them.

One of the popular series of Larry 'Hunch' Hoyden series of adult Western books for Werner Laurie.
A copy not yet seen.

First edition:
Werner Laurie 1951:
Hardback, with dustwrapper; 224 pages; yellow boards with blue blocking on the spine only; 130x190 mm; the dustwrapper artwork is not credited, nor signed as far as we can see. It carries the Werner Laurie Western logo; The blurb from the front flap is transcribed above; cover price 7s 6d net.

Foreign editions:

Shakespeare Head, Australia, 1953:
as Marshall of Savage City
in Western Monthly magazine, issue No. 63, August 1953
The main story in this issue of the cheap 'pulp' magazine. With a new cover illustration; cover price '1/6'.

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