Sources of information

The sources are listed in order of discovery.

Source 01: The British Library Catalogue

When we started this exercise last year - we entered 'Reginald Alec Martin' into the BL's catalogue and we were presented by a list of books written under the pseudonym Robert Martin, but not under other names. Some listed as by 'our' Robert Martin which were by another (see source 2). His birthdate was given as 1900, not the 1908 we found on his death certificate.

When we bacame confident of most of the pseudonyms Mike contacted the BL and discussed the differences with them. Having looked at the evidence they went so far as to agree, and to correct the date of birth for the author, and to accept all the pseudonyms we are confident of, as well as those 'possibles' we strongly suspect.
The corrections have been made - and if you now put in 'Robert Martin', you will get their records of his books. Similarly, 'Rex Dixon' will display all the titles published under that name - with Reginald Martin's dates. This is now true for all the pseudonyms we know.

However - now, if you put in the author's real name - you get none of them !!

This is, I suppose, understandable as none were published under that name.
It is important to realise this when searching the British Library catalogues.

Source 02: The other Robert Martin

Mike discovered this site relating to an American author by the name of Robert Martin. The detail given clarifies the authorship of the mysterious four detective or thriller books listed by the British Library (Source 01)

Source 03: Collecting Books and Magazines website

Emails from Sheila.
This site is one of the most valuable resources for collectors of childrens books and has this page devoted to the Kemlo and Pocomoto books. Some time ago, following a query about the author, the owner of the site received emails from a lady named Sheila who recounted a family members involvement with the author and that a collection of his books had been sold following her death. Sections of her emails are reproduced there.

Source 04: Catalogue of Auction Sale at Mellors & Kirk, Nottingham

Transcript of Catalogue entry for the sale (obtained by Mike) (NB Spelling as original - not corrected):

Auction date 2002.

Mellors & Kirk: Antiques:

[ Books ]

Lot 722
Estimated Price: 200-400

Dixon, (Reginald) alias Rex Dixon, Robert Martin et al an extensive collection of the authors science fiction Joey & Pocomoto novels, all signed presentation copies, cloth in dust jackets, the dust jackets in generally good condition, Thomas Nelson & Sons Ltd, George G Harrap & Co Ltd and others, 1960 & c; sold with a framed photograph of Dixon.

***Otherwise known as Rex Dixon, Robert Martin, E C Eliot, Ralph Bernard, Tex Bancroft, Hank McCoy, Frank Denver and Scott Martin, the author also ghosted novels under the names of sports stars Mike Hawthorne, Graham Hill, Dennis Law and Garry Sobers. Reginald Dixon lived at Three Bridges, near East Grinstead, Sussex and died in about 1970.
The present collection was formed by his fiance, whom he met when he lived in Nottingham.

Source 05: Death Certificate - Reginald Alec Martin

The death Certificate, obtained by Mike, records the death:
on the 27th day of June 1971
at: Oakhurst Cottage, off Balcombe Road, Haywards Heath, Sussex
of: Reginald Alec Martin
Born: 11th January 1908 in South London
Occupation: Author
Address Oakhurst Cottage as above
Informant: Patricia May Martin, present at the death, resident at the same address.

The cause of death is given as cancer.
Note that the year of birth does not agree with the British Library record for the author.

Source 06: Will of Reginald Alec Martin

The will, copy obtained by Mike, was written on 21st August 1970.
It appoints Patricia May Martin of the Oakhurst Cottage address (see Source 05) as Executor and bequeaths to her all his money and possessions and the copyrights in all books, stories and articles I have written under various pseudonyms whether published or unpublished at the time of my death.
He appoints George Greenfield, Director, John Farquarson Ltd . . . . to be his Literary executor.
In the event of Patricia May Martins death being before his he leaves all to the Royal College of Music and the income derived to provide a scholarship to be known as the Charles Richard Sisson Fund.
Local named solicitors are named as executors in that event.

Source 07: Probate

Probate was granted in the High Court of Justice on 6th August 1971.
The net value of the estate is recorded as 1764.81

Source 08: Conversation with Neil

Neil assisted Reginald Martin in his research for the Personna Book of Sports and is, among others, thanked in the preface. Mike managed to contact him and found that he knew the author as Robert Martin and that he had met him only once, at the launch of the book, in London, with the authors wife.

Source 09: Information from Jo

Jo contacted the Mid-Sussex Times following their article in September 2011 (see 'Extra') and reported that she had lived, as a girl, across the road from Reginald Martin and his wife. She visited him in order to watch programmes on horse events on his television, her family not having one at the time. He and his wife later attended her wedding and she has a photograph showing them with other guests at the reception.

Jo later forwarded a copy of the photograph, identifying the Martins and has very kindly given her permission for its reproduction here.
Click to enlarge
Wedding group 9th September 1967
Reginald Martin raising his glass, right of centre. His wife is seated, centre.
Photo Mrs Jo Fisher
Click to enlarge
Pat Martin
detail from above
Photograph Mrs Jo Fisher
Click to enlarge
Reginald Martin
detail from above
Photograph Mrs Jo Fisher
In a conversation later with Mike she revealed that she had seen books at his house written by him, including a Girl From U.N.C.L.E. novel.
(Mike has since determined that there was only one author who wrote 'spin-off' stories from the television Girl From U.N.C.L.E. series who could possibly be Reginald Martin and that is one named Simon Latter -see Index.)

Source 10: Rates

Mike examined the Local Authority Rates records for Reginald Martin when he lived in Sussex and found that he, one year at least, was recorded as Robert Martin in the official records.

Source 11: Contact from Sam

Sam contacted us with the information that he had obtained several Kemlo books from the dealer who bought the collection at the Nottingham sale in 2002 (see Source 4).

Sam's photograph of the five Kemlo books which had been in the 2002 auction.
They are all signed by the author. Included is a business card he found in one of the books.
He recorded that several of the books had had their dustwrappers trimmed to fit protective covers, but all were signed as from the authors name and signed to Ella. He provided us with photographs of the books he bought, including the signed pages.
R A Martin's
business card
Within one of the books Sam found the business card pictured above with the books and at maximum resolution on the left.

Unfortunately the photograph is not of high resolution, but the three pseudonyms Robert Martin, Rex Dixon and E C Eliott can be clearly seen.

Several of Sam's covers have been used to illustrate the titles on this website and a special thanks go to Sam for his help in providing this information.

Source 12: The Science Fiction Encyclopaedia

This is now available on the internet and the entry for E C Eliott not only gives information about the Kemlo books but also records the use by Reginald Martin of the pseudonym Rafe Bernard and revealed the error in the Mellors Sale catalogue (Source 4) naming of the writers pen-names.
Interestingly the Ecyclopaedia is the first record which gives the authors birth date as 1908, agreeing with that on his Death certificate (Source 05).

Source 13: Libary of Congress - Catalog of Copyright entries: Third Series: 1953: July-December

The guns of san rosala, by Brett Cameron [pseud.] W.Laurie. 175p Reginald Alec Martin; 30 Jan 53 (in notice: 1952); 2c 23 Jun 53;AIO-3391.
Pocomoto, pony express rider, by Rex Dixon [pseud.] Illustrated by Jack Harman. T.Nelson. 199p Reginald Alec Martin; 21 May 53; 2c 14 Aug 53 AIO-3445.
Pocomoto, tenderfoot, by Rex Dixon [pseud.] Illustrated by Jack Harman. T.Nelson. 216p Reginald Alec Martin; 21 May 53; 2c 14 Aug 53; AIO-3450.

This entry records both Rex Dixon and Brett Cameron as pseudonyms of Reginald Alec Martin.
Discovered by Mike in February - it led to the discovery of the Blue Sombrero series of at least four books published in the first few years of the 1950s.

Source 14: Copyright entries for Boys' Choice Golden Pleasure Books 1965

The book is a collection of short stories. Three of these are:
The Wild Ones by Rex Dixon, Imperno Strikes Again by Nicholas Marrat and Toddy Proves his Point by Robert Martin.
In the copyright section all are recorded as: R. A. Martin.

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