Swift Annuals

with Pocomoto stories by Rex Dixon (Reginald Alec Martin)

Three of these annuals have recognised stories by Reginald Alec Martin
All three are Western short stories featuring the young cowboy Pocomoto who starred in 23 full length stories published between 1953 and 1963 by Nelson. All the stories were written by Martin under the pseudonym Rex Dixon.
Only the first short story to appear in Swift has a characteristic title including the hero's name. This is Pocomoto and the Wild Horse published in Swift Annual Number 6 in 1959.
Although the title reveals its author, Rex Dixon is not mentioned on the Contents page where contributors were at this time listed rather than identified with their work. However there is a credit to Robert Martin, another of the author's pen-names.

The second, Just Lucky was published in 1961 in Swift Annual Number 8 1962 .
The story's title page doesn't credit the author but it is subtitled A Pocomoto adventure story and Rex Dixon is credited on the Contents page, with others, as a contributory author to the annual.

The third, and final story, is The Mustang which appeared the following year in Swift Annual 1963
It starts on page 8 and is subtitled as the previous story. This time the author and illustrator are both credited on the title page.
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Pocomoto and the Wild Horses
Hulton Press 1959
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Just Lucky
Longacre Press 1961
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The Mustang
Longacre Press 1962

Swift Annuals were published each Christmas fom 1954 through to 1962. The Mustang appeared in the last.
There is no reason to suppose that other short stories by Reginald Martin do not exist, perhaps in other Annuals. So far, these three and the two collections A Book of Boy's Stories and Boy's Choice are all we know of.

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