The Cautious Caballero

By Brett Cameron (Reginald Alec Martin)
First Published 1952 by Werner Laurie

A Western novel for adults - part of the Blue Sombrero series.

An ambush is the beginning of a trail which takes Panchito and the Riders of the Blue Sombrero across Mexico; led by signs of strife and vengeance, they come to the land of the ancient Ipaka tribe, where Indian arrows prove to be no match for Mexican guns - nor Indian treachery equal to Panchito's subtlety.
And the Cautious Caballero ? So nicknamed by Panchito, this Mexican dandy, reared in Boston, plays the leading rôle in a story which is as novel as his upbringing. The story moves as rapidly as Panchito's galloping horse, the tension mounts with the telling and when the suspense has become almost unbearable, the plot is suddenly and smoothly resolved; all the ingredients of the Western are here mixed to a perfect constituency.

First edition:
Werner Laurie 1952:
Hardback, with dustwrapper; red boards; 159pp; 190 mm; published at 8s. 6d. net..
The above 'blurb' is from an advert on the back of the dustwrapper of The Laughing Guns.

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