The Halo Highway

By Rafe Bernard (Reginald Alec Martin)
First Published 1967 by Souvenir Press
First edition cover. Click to enlarge and see full picture
First edition cover
Souvenir Press
A Story of The Invaders

Highway 640, which led to Auto City, centre of the United States automobile industry, had a jinx on it. Crash after crash occurred - and yet there were few deaths; each time the driver of the car would emerge miraculously unhurt, and though his eyes might be dull and zombie-like, though he might have a misshapen finger, little things of that sort were unremarkable in a man who had escaped death so luckily.

Only David Vincent recognised that these were the signs of the Invaders, that they were engineering crashes and, at the moment of death, taking possession of their victims' bodies. . .

A 'spin-off' story from the popular American television series The Invaders, broadcast by ATV in the UK.

First edition:
Souvenir Press / Corgi Science Fiction 1967:
Paperback; ref: GS7742; 110x180mm; 158pp; no illustrations; cover price 3s 6d.

Other Editions:

Foreign Editions:

Pyramid, USA 1967:

American paperback edition, as Army of the Undead.
Size: 108x181 mm; 142 pages; not illustrated; cover design uses phtographs from the The Invaders television series.

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American edition as
Army of the Undead
Pyramid 1967
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Spanish edition cover
Diana 1969
as La Carretera Maldita 1969

Paperback; Spanish language edition, possibly published in Mexico; 158pp; cover design the same as the UK first; translation by Rene Cardenas Barrios.

Bruguera, Brazil c1969:
as Rodovia 640
Paperback edition in Portuguese. (no date detailed in advert)

Hayakawa, Japan, 1969
Unknown title
Japanese language edition; translation by Tooru Kanamori.

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