The Mustang

A short story by Rex Dixon (Reginald Alec Martin)
First Published 1962 in Swift Annual 1963 by the Longacre Press
Illustrated by Harry Bishop
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Title page
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A Pocomoto adventure story

Pocomoto followed the tracks all that day, even through the heat flare of the noonday sun, with no tree or shade twixt parched earth and brassy sky . . .

He is tracking a mustang, to capture and sell it in a border town - in order to raise some money to help his adopted parents . . . but he is in for a surprise when a bullet whistles overhead . . .

The is third, and as this was the final Swift Annual, the last Pocomoto story to appear from Swift.
Like the previous two it fills four pages of double column width, this time from page 8 to page 11.

Like the first two it is illustrated by four monochrome illustrations. Unlike the earlier ones the artist Harry Bishop is, like the author Rex Dixon credited on the story's first page.
The artwork is similar to that in the previous stories but there seem to be slight variations in style which make identification of the artist in the earlier stories unsure.

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