Tony and the Secret Money

By Robert Martin (Reginald Alec Martin)
First Published 1964 by Ernest Benn
Illustrated by Edward Pagram
first edition wrapper. Click to enlarge
first edition dustwrapper
by Edward Pagram
Tony and his friend Sash had been helping old Mr Betts to decorate his house. And it was while they were preparing the last two rooms that they found the money. There were hundreds of pound notes stuck behind the wallpaper.
There were other people interested in it too. Biff and his friends could always use some, and the police are
always interested in tracing stolen banknotes.
First Edition:
Hardback; black cloth with silver blocking, author and title down the spine; 120 pages; title page vignette of pistol and cutlass crossed with mask, and 12 black and white full page illustrations. Duswrapper illustration brown toned and includes spine; rear lists others in the publisher's Bandit Books series - five books listed by different authors; rear flap blank; front flap 'blurb' as above; cp 8s 6d net.

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