Tas and the Space Machine

By E C Eliott (Reginald Alec Martin)
First Published 1955 by Nelson
Illustrated by A Bruce Cornwell
'public' edition wrapper. Click to enlarge
Dutwrapper by
A. Bruce Cornwell
for the shop edition
Nelson 1955
The new monster space machine P.X.Q. has arrived at the Australian space ship launching grounds.

Tas and his two friends stumble on a clever plot to steal the secret ship and kidnap its designer, Grantland Hale. After some quick thinking the three boys stow away and find themselves hurtling through space to an unknown destination with four ruthless men in control.

In this tight spot Tas makes a desperate plan; and the fight begins . . .

 wrapper. Click to enlarge
Cover design of the
Nelson School edition
First editions:
Published by Nelson in 1955 in the Panther Library in two separate editions, one for purchase in shops and the other designed for use in schools, with a wipe-clean soft cover and a section of questions after the story to determine the reader's understanding of each chapter.
The contents of both are identical up to and including page 119.

Shop edition:
Hardback edition with full colour dustwrapper by A. Bruce Cornwell; red boards; 185x125mm; frontispiece and ten full-page illustrations, all black and white; viii prelims then 119 numbered pages; dustwrapper 'blurb' reproduced above; rear flap describes the other TAS story; dustwrapper rear plain blue with white Nelson logo upper right; cover price 2/6 net.

Schools edition:
Tough canvas-like fabric cover with red and cream design featuring the panther logo, shown above right; 180x125mm; contents identical to the hardback edition, with the addition of the questions section after page 119 which takes the total number of pages to 136.
The rear of the cover - seen when the picture above is enlarged, lists the first eight books in this new edition, all but one being by Reginald Alec Martin.

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