The Torella Tigers

By Graham Hill
'As told to Robert Martin' (Reginald Alec Martin)
First Published 1968 by Pelham Books
First edition dustwrapper. Click to enlarge
dustwrapper by
Douglas Leggat
Pelham Books 1968
The Torella Twins - Tony and Nicola (Nicky) - as their long-suffering mother says: are not really terrible, it just seems that way because every trouble they get into is double trouble.
The twins try karting on a private track and discover glorious thrills in speeding on the grouind, eventually taking part in karting races.
They build their own sports car - a hairy but effective little brute they call the Torella Tiger, which becomes a familiar entry in motor rallies.
A famous motor-racing team become interested in the twins and offer them a short-term contract. They are now in the professional drivers' class. The Torella Tiger has joined the 'big boys'. A world of excitement lies ahead.
First Edition:
Pelham Books 1968:
Hardback with dustwrapper; 130x190mm; green cloth with gilt blocking, title, author down the spine, publisher and logo at base; 160pp; no illustrations. The dustwrapper picture by Douglas Leggat wraps to include the spine and, as can be seen in the illustration above, the bottom of the picture states:
A novel about motor racing

The dustwrapper front flap has the publisher's 'blurb' reproduced above; cover price 13s 6d; rear flap lists six other books by sports personalities under the heading Sport for All; rear of dustwrapper describes Judo Boy by John Ball.

Other editions:

Foreign editions:

Robert Laffont, Paris, France 1969:

Published as La Torella Tiger.
French, paperback edition; 132x210mm; 254 pages; cover artwork not credited.

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French edition cover
Robert Laffont 1969

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