Reginald Alec Martin Books - editions from Wahlströms

By Rex Dixon and E C Eliott (pseudonyms of Reginald Alec Martin)

Swedish editions published by B. Wahlströms Bokforlag, Stockholm, between 1955 and 1960

We are aware of these six Pocomoto books which were published by Wahlströms.
Pocomoto - Pony Express Rider
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Pocomoto - Tenderfoot
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Pocomoto and the Bronco Busters

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Pocomoto and the Night Riders
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Pocomoto and the Lazy River
Pocomoto and the Indian Trails

These are pocket sized books with thick card illustrated covers. It is unlikely that they were issued in dustwrappers. The cover artwork of their editions of Pocomoto - Pony Express Rider and Pocomoto and the Bronco Busters are not credited, the other four here have covers are clearly signed 'Hegland'.
None of the books contain illustrations.

Wahlströms also published at least two of the Kemlo books. Neither of these have cover artist credits.
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Kemlo and the Crazy Planet
Kemlo and the Zones of Silence

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