Reginald Alec Martin
Reginald Alec Martin c1944

author of many names:

* Robert Martin * Rex Dixon * E C Eliott *
* Frank Denver * Hank McCoy * Scott Martin *
* Tex Bancroft * Nicholas Marrat * Rafe Bernard *
* Simon Latter * Brett Cameron * Buck Savage *
* Burt Merrill * and probably others *

author of
The Joey Books * The Pocomoto series * Kemlo and the Spaceworld series *
and many others

Reginald Alec Martin 1967

Although Reginald Martin wrote over a hundred books and became one of the more popular children's authors of the 1950s and 1960s, not much is known about the author himself or indeed the full range of his writing.

In order to clarify the information known about him and his work and to celebrate his contribution to Children's Literature of the time, we are dedicating this website to his memory.

We shall be sharing all we know and can discover on the site, and would would appreciate your contribution of any information about the author and his books. Good definition scans of the dustwrappers especially welcome.

So, please bookmark the site and visit again soon,

Many thanks,

Mike & John

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by John Allsup
For ten years I've had a couple of sites about the books of two of my favourite authors from times past - Malcolm Saville and Monica Edwards.

At the time I half-produced a site for the Joey books of Robert Martin - stories which captured my imagination when I first read them back in the 1950s. It stayed, undeveloped, on my computer.
That was until a friend of mine discovered the books - and it is Mike McGarry's determination and dedication in unearthing odd bits of information, and his constant bullying that has resulted in this site.

I have copies of all the Joey books - but, until we started back in July 2011, only a handful of the author's other books. Now I have shelves full - literally !!
Mike, who is seriously looking for first Editions with dustwrappers - has more . . .
He feeds me with emailed scans of the covers and tales of his hunting expeditions - and not just for the books. As you will see - he has hunted out information about the author and has discovered several names used by him which were until now unsuspected.

Altough much has been discovered, here is still a lot to be done, many pieces are not written up, much of the detail is sketchy and there are lots of pieces yet to be started. So, keep calling back. We shan't add stuff daily, but hopefully, as the weeks roll by, there'll be something new to appeal. [Click Extra! above for latest additions page !]

Please note that any comments, opinions etc expressed are our own, and not those necessarily held by anyone else.

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