The Wheel in the Sky

By Rafe Bernard (Reginald Alec Martin)
First Published 1954 by Ward Lock
First edition cover. Click to enlarge and see full picture
dustwerapper of the first edition
Ward Lock 1954
This is the story of the building of Earth's first man-made Satellite a thousand miles into Space. From the first pulsing movement when the great Space Armada takes off from Earth to the last surprising climax, this story enables the reader to join dynamic Big Sam Hewitt and his space crews in their fight to control the elements of hitherto unconquered space.
Vividly portrayed characters throng the story. Fiction it might be, but so real that at times one has to pause, and say: this could happen. Perhaps not I, but my children will in fact take for granted the sight of the Wheel in the Sky. The dream of today could become the reality of tomorrow.
First edition:
Ward Lock 1954:
Hardback with dustwrapper; cover design wraps to include the spine, artist not credited.
Green cloth, with gold blocking; 129x188 mm; 192 pages; dedicated 'to George Greenfield'; no illustrations; front dustwrapper flap has 'blurb' reproduced above; cover price 9/6.

Other editions:

Ward Lock paperback:
Paperback edition
No published date given
Overall size: 110x180mm; 193pages; Science Fiction series number 26
The cover design is the same as the first edition dustwrapper, again not credited; no internal illustrations; ; cover price 1/6.
The book carries the dedication: To George Greenfield.
'Blurb' from the first edition, above, is repeated inside this edition.
Paperback edition cover. Click to enlarge and see full picture
paperback edition cover
Ward Lock

Foreign editions

Futuro, Spain 1954

Paperback edition, as El Planeta Artificial
Spanish edition, number 33 from this publisher, 125 pages.

Information on this edition from the Science Fiction Encyclopaedia and The Internet Speculative Fiction Index sites.

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paperback cover
Spanish edition 1954
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magazine cover
by Luigi Garonzi
Ponzoni, Milan 1957 as La Ruota nel Cielo
The story appeared, in full, translated by Giulio Martini, in the monthly Sci-Fi magazine I Romanzi del Cosmo in the September 1957 issue.
It ran from page 3 to page 115 in the magazine, which also included part four of an eight part serial and a complete short story, both by other authors.
The magazine contained one full-length story each month, as well as the serialisation of another. For this issue The Wheel in the Sky, original title given as The Well in the Sky, was the main story - so it might be assumed that the cover design, by Luigi Garonzi, would reflect this.
The story is illustrated with ten black and white illustrations, not credited but probably by the same artist as the cover.

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